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Parks Master Plan Update

 Kent’s Park and Recreation Commission recognizes a need to review the existing resources and focus of its Town parks -- Kent Common and Emery Park -- and, therefore, created a Parks Master Plan subcommittee.

The subcommittee created and advertised a formal request for proposal (RFP) for a Parks Master Plan that encompasses a study of both parks. The Commission reviewed several submissions and voted to accept a proposal from Studio Park Ave, an Illinois-based firm specializing in landscape architecture consulting services. In their proposal, the organization’s senior landscape architect, who resides in Kent, observed that “the Master Plan must strive to preserve Kent’s cultural and historical identity while providing new uses and updating existing amenities and infrastructure to meet the needs of an evolving community.”

The plan’s three phases include site analysis, public input, and project approach.

As part of this process, the Park and Recreation Commission created a statement of mission and purpose, as follows:

The mission and purpose of the Kent Park and Recreation Commission is to provide safe places for residents and visitors to enjoy the flora, fauna and community of Kent through passive and active outdoor recreation; to engage, enrich, and improve the daily lives of our citizens and visitors through a diverse mix of educational, leisure, athletic, and entertainment programming; and to realize our ongoing mission through balanced, thoughtful, equitable stewardship and planning by highly-committed volunteers.

The Commission’s next step will be to work with Kent’s Board of Selectmen to identify funding for implementation of the Parks Master Plan.